We are developing the entire die-casting manufacturing business, including designing, manufacturing, sales and construction of Water-soluble mold release compound automatic mixing and supply system(Makky Mini), Vacuum equipment, and peripheral equipment, sales of consumables and auxiliary materials.

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Ability to take action

In addition to Japan, we also accept visits to Asian countries such as China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, etc. if you order. Hokkaido, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines if you have any orders.

Decision force

Our staff will discuss design and manufacturing and reflect in manufacturing. In addition, we will produce according to the customer's request.


We will immediately respond to products developed and manufactured by our company, from sudden delivery to repair, such as equipment failure and repair, delivery of consumable parts. Our staff strives to respond to your request as quickly as possible.


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This device automatically dilutes various water-soluble chemicals at an arbitrary magnification and pumps them into various facilities such as a robot and machining.
This equipment automatically melts non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, zinc, solder alloy, and copper alloy at any set temperature.
It is a device that uses a vacuum pump to evacuate the tank and evacuates the inside of the mold and various equipment by opening and closing the valve. equipment into a vacuum state.
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